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In 2010, Kanon Suzuki participated in the Morning Musume ninth-generation auditions.

On January 2, 2011, at the Hello! Project 2011 Winter "Kangei Shinsen Matsuri" concert, it was announced that Kanon Suzuki was one of the 3 audition winners. She entered Morning Musume along with 2 other girls who passed the auditions, Erina Ikuta and Riho Sayashi, and the Hello! Pro Egg Mizuki Fukumura.[2][3][4][5]

Hello! Project groups and unitsEdit



Morning Musume
Hello! Project Mobekimasu


Solo DVDsEdit

  • Greeting: Suzuki Kanon (Greeting ~鈴木 香音~?) (July 2011, e-Hello series)[6]

TV dramasEdit


TV showsEdit

  • Hello Pro! Time (ハロプロ!TIME?) (September 2011 — present)

Internet showsEdit

  • UstreaMusume (ユーストリー娘。?) (April 2011 — present)


  • Hello! Channel Vol. 5 handshake event to celebrate the release of the magazine-book series (August 19, 2011)[7]